Taylor Cowan

Cloud Solutions Architect - Microsoft

Venue (Sessions Day): Addison Conference and Theatre Centre, 15650 Addison Rd, Addison, TX 75001 March 7, 2019

Venue (Workshop Day): The University of Texas at Dallas - 800 Franklyn Jenifer Drive, Richardson, TX 75080 March 8, 2019

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Taylor Cowan

Taylor Cowan is a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, he was a researcher in Sabre Labs and a software architect at Travelocity. He spots bottlenecks and single points of failure before they are put into production and helps his customers simplify software architectures already in use. 2019 will be an exciting year for building new or migrating old applications to the cloud but is this a chance for architects, developers, and operations to let go of some redundant systems and manual processes we’ve taken for granted? The Talk: Taylor will show you how to lighten the load in your cloud journey by applying tips and techniques used by ultralight backpackers.


Taylor's Sessions

Ultralight Architecture

The talk uses an analogy, ultralight backpacking, as a guide to help cloud architects simplify. It'll have a picture of a guy with a very large backpack, and then a transformation to a smaller pack with benefits: faster, more agile, fewer injuries. Then we'll have similar for architecture.

Build Your Cloud Team

This is a look at the roles in a cloud team, which are not the same as we’ve been using in trad. IT shops. I’ll talk about the role, what skills the role player needs to have, how they supplement each other, and how traditional roles map…and how some traditional roles do not map and what needs to change.