Stephen Fluin

Developer Advocate - Angular Team at Google.

Venue (Sessions Day): Addison Conference and Theatre Centre, 15650 Addison Rd, Addison, TX 75001 March 7, 2019

Venue (Workshop Day): The University of Texas at Dallas - 800 Franklyn Jenifer Drive, Richardson, TX 75080 March 8, 2019

Stephen Fluin

Stephen Fluin is a Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google. Stephen works to solve real world problems faced by developers and businesses, and to represent the needs of the community within the Angular team.


Stephen's Sessions

Mastering ASP.NET Core, EF Core and Angular (v7)

Are you building next-generation web apps? Do you want a framework that is faster than Node.js? Do you know the best practices while building RESTful APIs? Do you want scalability as well as performance? Did you know Angular and ASP.NET Core were both created with performance and scalability first vision? Did you know that both these teams value community feedback and have an active and vibrant community?