Glenn Block

Director of Product Management, Auth0 Extend

Venue: The University of Texas at Dallas - 800 Franklyn Jenifer Drive, Richardson, TX 75080 March 15-16, 2018

Glenn Block

Glenn runs Product Management for Auth0 Extend, an embedded SaaS customization platform. Glenn is an active supporter of the OSS community and contributor to several OSS projects. He is a frequent speaker internationally, an organizer of several events, and a published author. He resides with his wife and daughter in Seattle.You can find him tweeting as @gblock into the wee hours of the night.


Glenn's Sessions

Moving at the speed of GraphQL using GraphQL for .NET

GraphQL provides a new way to quickly build APIs for retrieving and updating data. Born at Facebook, it has quickly evolved into the standard way to build APIs which are consumed by React front ends. The backend can be in any stack. In this talk I'll show you the basics of GraphQL, and how you can quickly build GraphQL endpoints using ASP.NET Core and GraphQL for .NET. You'll also see how you can use tools like graphiql to further accelerate your development.