Use Node.js and Ethereum to Create Smart Contracts

Venue: The University of Texas at Dallas - 800 Franklyn Jenifer Drive, Richardson, TX 75080 March 15-16, 2018

While Bitcoin was the first decentralized blockchain technology, it won't be the last. A new contender, Ethereum, allows you to create and evaluate smart contracts. This talk will go over why that's a good idea and get you started creating decentralized apps (Dapps) with Node.js and Ethereum.

Track Details

  • Day: March 15, 2018 (04:00-04:50 pm)

Paul Barriere

Speaker: Paul Barriere

Paul Barriere is a software architect with Cazton, Inc. and has been a software developer since 1996 (right when it became cool to be in software). He successfully resisted the siren song of management and has continued to create open and closed source applications for more than 20 years. He has worked remotely for most of his jobs and even lived in Costa Rica with his family for a while. He has worked for dozens of clients in the DFW metroplex, working for companies in various industries, such as hedge funds, real estate, entertainment and brokerage firms.